La Mer is a healer, songstress and homegrown California girl. Her work centers around
powerful rituals of union with soulful nature. A certified Prana Vinyasa teacher and Ayurvedic
Lifestyle Consultant with over 10 years of experience in the healing and performing arts, Mer
honors the ancient wisdom of eastern and ancestral philosophies while allowing her sensitive
and playful essence to guide the experience. Her style lyrically integrates an intuitive blend of
movement, hands on healing, reiki, sound therapy, essential oils, yoga, and other meditative
practices. Mer’s yin teaching evolved from a personal healing practice to rejuvenate from years
of burning out on an excessively active lifestyle; she believes yin is fundamental in bringing
receptivity and balance to modern living.

Aside from her creative contributions, La Mer advocates for the oceans as certified public
speaker for Heal the Bay, an environmental nonprofit organization dedicated to making the
coastal waters of Los Angeles safe, healthy and clean. She also supports ocean conservation
with monthly beach clean ups and as an advocate for Mission Blue, an organization dedicated to
hope spots, global marine protected areas large enough to save and restore the ocean.

La Mer’s primary project, In Waves, is a creatively inspired sound healing experience combining
original music, live field recordings, crystal singing bowls, gongs, chimes, drum, and medicine
melodies. More info:

Music Style: Funky, groovy, roots rock reggae, Dilla influenced hip hop, LA beat scene. I always find a way to mix in some aspect of Brazilian genres… bossa nova and Tropicalia vibes are my favorite! Céu, Bonobo, Anderson Pak, Thundercat, Erykah Badu, Buscabulla, Shigeto, Prince, Sly and the Family Stone.