As of May 5th, 2021 Los Angeles County is entering the yellow tier which gives us permission to go BACK INDOORS at 50% capacity!  Beginning Sunday, May 16th all cycling classes Sun-Tues will be held indoors, and all cycling classes held Wed-Sat will be held outdoors on the parking lot.  Boot Camp, Tabata + Tone classes, personal training, and any other circuit classes we add to the schedule will all be held in the gym and parking lot as well.

If you’re not vaccinated and/or are uncomfortable being indoors, it is recommended to stay outdoors and choose from the many options still available on the parking lot!  Bluetooth headsets will still be required and can be rented for $3 or purchased directly from the manufacturer.

It’s time to get back to that super sweaty, super engaging, super dark and loud indoor cycling experience we have all missed so much!

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