Cycling is back indoors, circuit training, boot camp, and private training are are indoor/outdoor in the DFLY garage and parking lot with the roll up door wide open for tons of air flow.  Cycling classes max out with 28 bikes, circuit classes max out at 15 people, and boot camp maxes out at just 6 people!

Sign up for classes or either of the September boot camps series’!  M/W/F at 6:30am for 4 weeks with Steele, or T/Th at 6:30pm for 6 weeks with Ariel.

We are not requiring proof of vaccination to attend classes, but we ask everyone to take personal responsibility for themselves, have respect and courtesy towards others, and do the right thing. Late cancellation penalties will continue to be waived due to illness.

Sign-up or re-up and get back to you TODAY!   New Member Specials available here!