Dragonfly Cycling is a boutique fitness studio in Sherman Oaks, CA offering 50-minute cycling and strength training classes 7 days per week by LA’s finest and most experienced instructors. No matter what your fitness level and/or experience may be, you can expect to be challenged physically, mentally, and emotionally in every single class. Music taste and class style vary by instructor, which creates a range of exciting and different experiences from one class to the next.

Indoor Cycling classes can hold 27, and strength training classes max out at 15.  If you’re looking for something smaller and more personalized, Boot Camp caps at 6 people for small group training type experience.  Additionally, private and semi-private training is also available!

As of November 2021, cycling is indoors and strength training, boot camp, and private training are indoor/outdoor in the DFLY garage and parking lot.  With the new LA City Vaccine Mandate, we are kindly asking all clients to email proof of vaccination to studio@dragonfly-cycling.com.  All penalties for late cancels or no shows due to illness will of course be waived.

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