“Reconnect & Recommit” 14-Day Challenge

Just because we’re shut down, can’t workout indoors and have to socially distance, does NOT mean we need to completely isolate and become hermits!  So if you’re feeling blah, unmotivated, tired and lethargic, are OVER working out at home alone, and are in desperate need of reconnecting with your DFLY community, we’ve got just the thing for you!

Beginning July 27th, we are kicking off our first Summer 2020 Reconnect & Recommit 14-Day Challenge!  The goal of this challenge is to reengage and reconnect with each other and stay accountable to our mental and physical well-being, while following all state and city guidelines regarding Covid-19.  This challenge is open to everyone, so if you don’t have a spin bike, don’t worry!  We will be providing cardio alternatives to help you meet the challenge goals!

Challenge Goals:

  • 3 cardio workouts per/week (spin, run, parking lot cardio kickboxing, parking lot HIIT tabata, group hikes)
  • 2 strength training workouts per/week (parking lot full body, parking lot butts & guts, parking lot bands class, On Demand Circuit Classes)
  • 10,000+ steps per day
  • Combo Spin + Circuit class On Demand counts for 1 cardio and 1 strength!


  • $50 entry includes:
    • 6 parking lot classes (at DFLY parking lot or via FB live stream)
    • 2 planned activites off site (Fryman Canyon & Hollywood Reservoir)
    • Custom designed t-shirt for all who complete the challenge
    • Raffle drawing for one winner to receive a free month of On Demand
    • Added surprises along the way!
  • All participants will be invited to a “Reconnect & Recommit” Facebook Group page.  This is where the parking lot classes will be live streamed and recorded so is a MUST for this challenge.
  • Photo/video/pic of workout stats (fitbit/iphone/Apple watch) for any at home, FB live, or On Demand workouts must be posted in FB page or emailed to studio@dragonfly-cycling.com at the end of each week for tracking.
  • Additionally, 10k steps per day must be hit.  Why?  Because this pandemic has reduced our activity to a halt, and 1 hour of exercise doesn’t make up for 23 of sitting idle.  Steps can be recorded via iWatch, FitBit, or Health app on the iphone, and screenshots emailed to studio@dragonfly-cycling.com at the end of each week for tracking.  Be sure to keep your tracker on you at all times because steps add up even doing chores around the house!  For those who work from home, this will encourage you to take a few 20 minute breaks from the screen and go for a walk!  And be sure to keep your tracker on you at all times because they add up even when doing chores around the house!  If you fall short one day, you can make up for it the following so long as you average 10k per/day

 Class Schedule


Sign up here,  start booking your spots and planning out your weeks!  For questions, email us at studio@dragonfly-cycling.com