Fight off winter fatigue and weight gain with the 30 Day Anti-Hibernation Challenge at Dragonfly!

Challenge Details

  • Don’t just talk about your fitness resolutions, act upon them! Amp up your cardio and strength workouts in the beginning of the new year and set the tone for a strong and healthy 2018!
  • Get to know more members of the DFLY community, find workout buddies to help keep you accountable, and engage in healthy competition!
  • Win a FREE Dragonfly hoodie by completing 20 classes in 30 days, AND enter into a raffle to win a free class package!
  • Raffle tickets will be given for a host of different reasons. The more raffle tickets you have, the better your chances are of winning!
      – Take a class: 1 ticket
      – Take a 6am class Mon-Fri: 2 tickets
      – There is no limit to how many classes you take and how many tickets you earn
      – Additional games and activities *may* be announced throughout the challenge that can earn you more tickets!
      – Special guests *may* pop into certain classes throughout the month with gifts and prizes!


How to Sign Up

  • There is no entry fee or challenge package you need to purchase. Simply use the package you have or buy a new one here and get ready to kick off on January 15th!
  • To enter the challenge, email or enter your name in the sign-up sheet at the studio front desk.