Amanda (AKA Panda)’s love of fitness began with her love, well, obsession with sports. An athlete since a young age, she played soccer and traveled all over the West Coast up until College. Panda moved to LA over a decade ago and started to pursue the route of fitness once her soccer glory days had ended. She became an ACE Certified Personal Trainer, and worked at local gyms and studios where she became infatuated with more than just sports but also Cycle, and became an instructor over four years ago.

Panda has an extended education with a Masters in Sport Management, but also loves to extend her education beyond the class room and onto the bike. Constantly trying to bring in new flare with a twist of satisfying sweat and smiles. Her coaching style, charisma, and banging beats will really bring the BOOM, an endurance fun frenzy that will leave you drenched in sweat and accomplishment. This goes for her cycle and group fitness classes! There hardly isn’t a time you wont see her in her normal “Constant State of sweat”, She’s either teaching class, lifting weights, or playing/watching football. Be ready for the head banging from EDM Remixes, Hip-Hop, Punk, and 90s/2000s Pop!