David will be the first to tell you, he hated working out. HATED IT. But then he discovered indoor cycling and something clicked…and suddenly he was looking forward to the next class. The next sweat session. The next group connection.

Listening to music became “wow that would be a great spin song;” tapping his feet to the peddle rhythm or mimicking tap-backs in his car. Classes increased and before long, he knew he was hooked. And as he started to feel healthier and happier, he knew he wanted to start sharing his excitement for spin with his community.

Originally from the mountains of Montana, David brings a free spirited and nostalgic energy to his classes and teaching style. With energetic programming and dynamic playlists, David creates an environment that’s not only an incredible workout but also an emotional one. Focusing on the community of the class, he encourages all his riders to work together to dig deeper and push harder than they ever thought possible.

“Don’t stay where you’re tolerated, go where you’re celebrated!”

In David’s class, expect to hear a multi-decade mix of high energy pop, rock, r&b classics & dirt road country guaranteed to lift your spirits & conquer your indoor cycling goals!