Stephanie first tried indoor cycling at Dragonfly less than a year ago. She fell off the bike and assumed it was something she just wouldn’t be good at. Though she fell in love with the energy of the owner, instructors, and community, and she couldn’t get enough! She kept coming back and eventually learned how to ride properly through practice and the skillful support of the Dfly instructors. After the first month she competed in their 30 day fitness challenge and won first place! Dragonfly became a refuge and home for her. When they held instructor auditions, it was suggested that she audition for it, so she thought, “What the hell, you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take!” Well guess what, I’m sure you’ve guessed already(or else you wouldn’t be reading her instructor bio) SHE MADE IT! She received her instructor training from the illustrious team of owners Jess and Gayle and they taught her many secrets in the way of the spin. Secrets passed down for generations from “Code Bearers” who would die before these secrets be revealed. There was a blood oath ceremony with candles and cloaks, and it was all very intense. I would tell you more about it, but I would be cursed, as would my entire future bloodline. Ha! Jokes on them, I’m not having children! So I’ll tell you, they worked her butt off and she practiced A LOT. Now it kinda seems like a big build up for very little payoff now that I’ve said it. Anywho, she is now the newest(but not youngest, let’s be honest) instructor at Dragonfly! Her classes are a mixture of many different music genres, but really anything that bangs, HARD. She loves to dance, and joke, and have fun up there, so her classes will always be a good time. She believes that working out should be fun, because it just goes by so much faster that way! So keep that party going and before you know it, you’ll have reached your goals!