COVID-19 Compliance and Reopen Plans


Dear Dragonfly Members,

We are SUPER EXCITED to be reopening our doors to you on Monday, 6/22 after a long 3 month shutdown.  In preparation for re-open, we are making significant changes to our classes and studio procedures to assure compliance with fitness industry guidelines and safety for all.

Sanitation/Safety Measures

  1. We’ve always prided ourselves on keeping Dragonfly very clean, but we’re stepping that up even more so in light of the current events.  Before we reopen, the entire studio will receive a deep clean from a professional grade crew using all EPA registered disinfectants.  Every single touch point will be disinfected and a Certificate of Disinfection will be provided that proves we are compliant with CDC regulations.  And this same professional crew has been hired to come to the studio regularly, during off hours, to disinfect .
  2. High touch point areas such as door knobs and countertops will be disinfected regularly by DFLY staff before, during and after classes.
  3. Bikes and gym equipment will be sanitized after every class by customers and again by DFLY staff
  4. DFLY staff will be required to wear gloves and a mask whenever interacting with customers at the front desk.
  5. Instructors and customers will also be required to wear masks before and after class, while walking through common areas, using restrooms, interacting with others etc.  Masks will be off for the duration of class
  6. Fans and a/c will be turned on during spin and circuit training classes for better air flow.


Social Distancing

  1. Spin – For the first few weeks of our reopen, we are phasing back in with only 11 bikes in the spin room – 5 in the front, 4 in the middle, 0 in the back, and 1 on each sidebar.  This is far more than the 6 ft of space required to be extra cautious.  Sometime in mid-late July when our new bikes arrive, we will increase that to 19 bikes, still maintaining 6 or more feet of distance.
  2. Circuit – A new format has been designed in the garage for “safer circuit” classes.  These new classes will restrict any sharing of equipment and will keep all clients stationary in one area for the entire class.  6′ or more of space will be observed throughout the class, with a maximum of 9 clients at any time while the garage door is shut.  Large equipment in the garage has been moved as well, creating more floor space to move around.
  3. For circuit, it is also recommended to wear workout gloves.


Policies & Procedures

  1. Sign in kiosk will no longer be available to avoid high touch point areas.  Reserve classes in advance online and DFLY staff will sign you in at the front desk when you arrive.  If there’s a line, maintain 6′ of space or wait outside until the line clears.
  2. Avoid congregating in common areas and locker rooms as much as possible, and wear mask up until class begins.
  3. All clients are now be required to sign a digital consent form on the website before signing up for any in-studio classes.  This form asks questions about your personal health, exposure to anyone with known COVID, and travel outside the state, will be presented upon login to the site and must be signed before continuing.
  4. Towels and filtered water will still be provided as complimentary services if desired, however feel free to bring your  own if you prefer.
  5. Spin shoe rentals will still be available if needed.  Shoes are always sprayed with disinfectant after each use
  6. Hairbands and ear plugs will only be provided upon request. DFLY staff will hand to clients with gloves on to reduce risk.


If you have any questions or concerns, please email us at and we will get back to you right away.