Dear Dragonfly Members,

As I’m sure many of you heard, Mayor Garcetti has put a public ban on gyms and fitness facilities through April 19th.  Any classes that were booked out have been returned and classes have been cancelled.  All recurring contracts and class packages have been frozen through 4/19.  If the ban continues beyond the 19th, we will reevaluate.

In just the first few days of being closed, the messages and outpouring of love and support have been amazing.  We are not just a fitness studio, we are a community, we are a family, we are a support system.

As one amazing customer said: “I do need you guys, Dragonfly keeps me grounded more than anything I’ve ever been involved with. I am praying these actions will flatten the curve and that none of us gets terribly sick.

THIS is precisely what drives me, drives the team, and drives all of us to do what we do.  We will get through this stronger than ever, but in the interim, please do not let yourself go.  Eat well, sleep well, drink plenty of water and stay active.  Go for a walk/hike/run and enjoy the outdoors.  Practice yoga and meditation.  And if you’d like, participate in the 2-week DFLY fitness challenge that Michelle Steele and Jeff are providing for us through end of March.  20-minute HIIT workouts 6 days/week requiring NO EQUIPMENT until we are back up and running.  This challenge is offered for FREE to all existing DFLY members.  Simply ask to join the “Heart of DFLY” Facebook group and join the thread!

Separately, DFLY is now offering monthly bike rentals on our 35 bikes until we can return to business as usual. Bike rentals cost $150/month, and will recur monthly until cancelled. Rentals can be cancelled at any time and bikes returned to the studio at no extra fee.

The bikes can be used for your own workouts, and/or in tandem with LIVE STREAMED CLASSES by the DFLY instructors you have grown to love in our magical purple room! Virtual classes can be booked using existing class packages (we’ll need to unfreeze them) or by purchasing single rides. Reserving your spots for virtual classes will happen through our site the way it always has, and private links to the live streams will be sent out to all participants 20-minutes before class begins. Classes will be closed to booking 10 minutes before start time.

Bike Lease Agreement and full terms can be found here. If you agree to the terms, go to the Pricing page, select “Bike Rental” and check the box for Security Deposit, and click BUY THIS PACKAGE.  Once payment is made we will send you the agreement to sign and schedule a pickup time. If you need delivery, arrangements can be made. If you have a preferred bike, let us know which one and we’ll do our best to accommodate.

Thank you for the outpouring of love!  Your messages of support and gratitude provide more comfort than you could ever imagine.  Stay healthy, stay sane, stay connected!

With love,

Jess & the entire DFLY Team