Let’s face it.  As an adult, Halloween is nothing but an excuse to wear something you’d never approve of any other day of the year.  So let’s step it up this October and look sexy as hell in our Halloween costumes!



  1. This is a group challenge comprised of teams of 3 people. Choose your team or we will help match you up. Name your team and get creative!
  2. Certain activities/classes/tasks win points. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place teams with the most points by Halloween win!
  3. Points will be totaled every Sunday and posted on social media
  4. DFLY reserves the right to add flash points at any time during the Challenge – be ready!


Cost to Enter:

  1. $300 entry fee offers you UNLIMITED classes during the entire month of October!  That’s less than $10/day, take multiple classes per day if you want!  Best deal DFLY has ever offered! (late cancel and no show fees apply)


  1. Take class (spin or circuit) – 1 point
  2. Take class with all your teammates – 1 per/person + additional 3 (6 points)
  3. Take 1 boot camp or training session (1 point)
  4. Write Google review (2 points)
  5. Write Yelp review (2 points)
  6. Post photo and tag Dragonfly (2 points)
  7. Participate in DFLY Community Service event (5 points)
  8. Win best team name, voted on by DFLY staff (5 points)
  9. Dress up for Halloween Rides (5 points)
  10. Take 2 classes from each instructor (15 bonus points)
  11. Take 30+ classes (15 bonus points)
  12. Bring a new friend to Dragonfly who has never been before (5 points)
  13. Refer a new friend who buys any new package (10 points)


** We reserve the right to add to this list at any point!