Strength Training


Dragonfly Cycling is a boutique fitness studio in Sherman Oaks, CA that provides a 5 star strength program to compliment the cardiovascular workouts in the cycling (spin) room. The Garage (literally a converted garage) Program includes a series of instructor-led strength training and recovery classes that, combined with spin, provide a well-rounded workout regimen that is designed to help you reach your fitness goals.

Many people are drawn to cycling for the loud music, dark room, and “get lost” mentality, and thus also tend to shy away from gym-type weight classes with bright lights and big mirrors. Well the DFLY Garage is not that! Be it an extension of all things Dragonfly, the vibe of the Garage is no different than the vibe of the magical spin room! Dimly lit, colored LEDs, exposed ceilings, great music, and the same high energy and compassionate personalities you find throughout the rest of the studio. No judgement, no ego, just hard work and a lot of laughter to get you through some very challenging workouts!


The Garage hosts TRX, Full Body, Upper Body, and Lower Body classes for all your strength training needs, as well as private and semi-private training. Each class is designed to compliment the cycling program, stretching the muscles we use in spin, and strengthening those we don’t, thus touching on every part of the body and providing your one stop shop for all your fitness needs.

Each instructor in the Garage Program also teaches spin at Dragonfly, and is highly trained and well versed at working with people of all fitness levels. They are also deeply attuned to using proper form at all times, and will provide modifications for any past or present injuries.


Dragonfly strength classes are 50 minutes long (45 training + 5 cool down), unless otherwise noted (i.e. 30/30 combo classes or 60 minute sessions). Please arrive 10-15 minutes before class begins (doors close for entry once class starts), and plan to stay through the stretch for the safety and enjoyment of you and all others.

Cellphones are not permitted in the garage, and all personal belongings are to be stored in the locker room. Please bring your own lock as we do not provide them.

Sneakers are recommended for all strength classes. Bring your own water bottle (no glass please!) and feel free to refill at our delicious filtered station, or buy a bottle at the front desk. Towels are provided and complimentary.

All classes are open to all levels and can be easily modified.